Architects for Innovation Public conference — 24 November 2022

Architects for Innovation Public conference — 24 November 2022

28 okt. 2022

On 24 November 2022, in Brussels, the Architects’ Council of Europe is organising a public conference to explore challenges and opportunities raised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the sector and consider how it could change Architecture and the practice of the architectural profession.

This conference, which is meant to nurture a study commissioned by the ACE on the very same topic, will bring together AI experts, architects and researchers who will:

  • Explain how they perceive the impact of AI on the practice of the profession;
  • Share experiences, good practice and innovative solutions;
  • Present their perspectives for the future of the profession;
  • Share thoughts on the possible regulation of AI in the architectural sector.

The conference will be opened by Julia ANGWIN, The Markup Founder,winner and two-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism, followed in the afternoon by a keynote speech by Daniel BOLOJAN, from Nonstandardstudio, a leading voice in the implementation of AI strategies in architecture and the architectural design process.

Interpretation in French-English will be provided.
The conference will be web-streamed live through the ACE website.

24 November — 9.00u tot 16.40 — Brussel

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